Game On! Goalkeeper Academy

Game On Goalkeeper Academy

Game On! Goalkeeper Academy is for players who want to specialize in goalkeeping or just want to get better and more confident when playing the position. There are no tryouts, and sessions are intended to be fun and challenging.

Academy Director: Russell Lewis, former GK coach for Dayton Dutch Lions professional team

The Game On! Goalkeeper Academy will help players develop the technical, tactical, psychological, and physical skills needed to excel as a goalkeeper.

  • Technical – shot saving, catching & handling, diving, boxing, tipping, parrying & redirecting, crosses, boxing, penalty kicks, and breakaways. Also distribution, throwing, rolling, punting, drop kicks, and goal kicks.
  • Tactical – anticipation, angles & positioning, defensive organization, setting up walls, reading the attack, breakaways, recycling, and restarts.
  • Psychological – handling pressure, refocusing after being scored on, leadership, motivating your team, staying centered, self analysis, and positive projection.
  • Physical – proper warm-up, effective cool-down, pressure training, strength & agility, footwork mobility, flexibility & coordination.


Training Schedule: